Section 141(5) Issues By Opp At Accident And Then Summons

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Section 141(5) Issues By Opp At Accident And Then Summons

by: mattmab on

Good Morning All,

I was involved in traffic accident and an Offence notice (ticket ) was issued by OPP at accident. left turn-fail to afford reasonable opportunity to avoid collision (HTA sect 141(5). $85 set fine and $110 total date March 26, 2013. I did as it said on the back of the offence and filed option 2 Early Resolution - Meeting with prosecutor within the 15 days at the court office. This was on April 8, 2013. Now it is Sunday Aug 4, 2013 and an OPP officer appears at my door with a Summon. left turn - fail to avoid collision Sec. 141(5) HTA with no fine amount and a court date of Aug 12, 2013 9:00am. Issues by Judge/JP on July 31,2013. I'm confused on why no meeting was setup with prosecutor as I requested and why I received a summons instead and the charge is a little different in wording. I am not prepared to make any kind of defense on Aug 12 and have not even asked for a discloser to see what prosecutor has. Is this Summon a trial or can I plea not guilty and set a trial date or ask for an adjournment so I may prepare a proper defense. Not sure what to expect here and maybe I should contact a legal pro? Has this happened to anyone else and I would appreciate any help was the group. Thanks in advance.


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