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Getting a Traffic Ticket is a stressful life event. A Traffic Ticket can have many implications on your life. A Traffic Ticket can affect your finances and your ability to travel freely without restrictions. All Traffic Tickets carry some amount of driving violation penalty points known as Demerit Points. If you receive too many Demerit Points, your driving privileges can be suspended by the MTO - Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Not only will your driving privileges be in jeopardy, you can expect a hefty raise to your insurance premiums, costing sometimes even thousands per year.

The best action to take when you get a Traffic Ticket is to act right away! Do not wait too long after you receive your Traffic Ticket to Get Help with your Traffic Ticket. You may need Professional help from a Paralegal. You may have unresolved questions, such as, why was I pulled over? Could I have done something differently? Why me and not the other guy? But I wasn't speeding!? These are common frustrations with all Traffic Tickets. In the meanwhile, browse through thousands of Topics and Posts on our site, ask questions, and help other members where you can!