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This has really been bothering me as I wish it never happened. I am a good driver and actually work at a police station. I got into a car accident and I was charged with section 130 of HTA. Previous to this charge I have a clean record. This is what happened:

It was 7:00 am in Hamilton on a dark and raining morning. I was driving and slowing down for the light and ebike ahead of me. When I braked I slid and hit the ebike in front of me. This was at a very low rate of speed, about 5 km/hour. EMS was dispatched as a precaution as I wanted to make sure the driver was okay. He did not fly off his bike or anything he remained on it and just kind of stepped off. There were no injuries and no damages. This was a very minor accident and I believe it was wrong place wrong time. The driver of the ebike drove his bike away from the scene and so did I. The bike was dark blue/black in colour and was not that visible in the rain. None the less I still did hit the bike but only because my car slid on the road.

There is also an error of the spelling of my name on the ticket. I am not sure if this error occurs on the actual ticket but it does on my carbon copy and the First Attendance.

I do not want my insurance to have to be canceled because I cannot afford it and my record to be ruined with the harsh 6 demerit points that would be associated with this charge.

I have a first attendance meeting scheduled for next week but I have called and left a message in order to reschedule as I cannot attend. I am not sure if I select a representative if they would attend the First Attendance Meeting or just a trial or attempt both.

Any advice, guidance or paralegal/lawyer that would be interested in dealing with this case please post/message me. I figure it is best if I hire someone to represent me but I would also appreciate some feedback. Please also include a price quote.
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