3 Summons

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3 Summons

by: MMMquez on
Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:43 pm

I was pulled over early January, and was given the following 3 summons on Jan 30:

- driving under suspension (1st time).
- expired plate sticker.
- failure to provide proof of insurance.

The insurance part was my fault for not replacing the expired slip with an updated one. I had an active insurance policy, just the wrong slip was in my glove box.

Expired plate sticker was due to the fact that 407etr is preventing me from renewal. When I sold my previous car, and bought my current vehicle, I paid an amount owing to 407 so that I would be able to have a new plate with new sticker. Thinking everything was fine and dandy with 407etr, I continued to drive throughout the year with the new vehicle not knowing that there was still a substantial amount owing on the plate of the previous vehicle that 407etr carried over. This amount owing prevented me from renewing my current vehicles plate sticker.

License was suspended due to a speeding ticket that was not paid for which slipped my mind.

Fast forward til today, I've obtained a second copy of my insurance slip from my insurance provider and replaced the expired one in the glove box. I've taken out a small loan to resolve a partial amount owing to 407etr to allow me to renew my plate sticker. I still have roughly 1,500+ owing to 407etr. I've dug up the amount for the ticket, the infraction number, paid off the ticket, and paid the reinstatement fee at the MTO.

My questions are: This is my first time being "summoned". What are the procedures that goes on? What should I expect as consequences for my infractions. I've dug up that min. for driving under suspension is $1,000 and an additional 6 months suspension. $1,000 is quite hefty, especially with the amount owing I have of 1,500+ with 407etr, but my main concern here is the additional 6 months of suspension. I live roughly 6 kms from work, but to commute would take me 1.5 hours, 2 bus transfers, 2 bus fares (since outside the boundaries of the GTA), and a 30 min walk from the bus stop to my work, which I believe would be overkill for 6 kms. What fine/fee/consequence will I receive for the insurance slip and expired plate sticker?

Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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