Out of province suspension, Nova Scotian license

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Out of province suspension, Nova Scotian license

by: hsikah on
Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:27 pm

Hi I’m not exactly sure where to post this.
Recently I got a 3 day suspension for a dui, I’m a novice driver, I didn’t think I had any liquor in my system but clearly did this breaking the zero tolerance. I live in Nova Scotia and am not quite sure how this all work. I have a Nova Scotian drivers license and got the suspend which on vacation.

I now have a 30 suspension for violating the rules that were on my license. I paid my ticket for my dui back a few months went I got it since I don’t have money to be staying for court, I’m young and pretty broke.

I have a couple of questions one being who do I pay to get my license reinstated, Ontario or here in Nova Scotia? All the suspension letter said was that I need to send them my license, so will there be any more fees or do I have to do any programs? Also if there anything I should check or follow up on or if I did what they said I had am I fine after this suspension is done?
I know what I did was wrong and don’t want any pity or anyone attacking me I just need advice and information since I haven’t come upon anything helpful to my situation yet.
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by: bend on
Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:30 am

Ontario has a zero tolerance when it comes to alcohol for what would be considered a novice driver. That means you have to blow a zero.

The 3 day suspension you received is what's called an administrative suspension. You didn't blow over the legal limit, but in your case you're a novice driver.

The 30 day suspension is because you broke one of the conditions as a novice driver (.0 BAC). Any time you break a condition, it comes with a 30 day suspension for the first offense.

There is no program. You will have to pay a reinstatement fee after the 30 days to get your license back. It's $281.
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