Does Suspension Carry Over To New Province ?

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Does Suspension Carry Over To New Province ?

by: johnd32 on

I've been suspended for about 3 years. I owed money from a lawsuit and the lawyer went after my license after I didn't pay.

I'm moving to Calgary in Dec and thought I would ask this here because I most likely wont be returning to ontario ever and the people on the phone have been very unhelpful. I'm guessing they can't do anything in another province and that's why they're being so nasty but I would appreciate the truth if someone knows.

Can I get a new license when I get to Calgary ?? My license was clean before suspension, no tickets, no crime, I had one accident on there but it was old, it was suspended from a lawsuit and I never bothered to fight it. They got nothing in the end so I'm wondering if the lawyer can come after me in another province as well and keep trying to collect and use my license as the enforcement.

Any help is appreciated so I know what to say when I get out there or if I should just ignore it and begin a bankruptcy process after settling.



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by: bend on

You aren't eligible for an Alberta license.

Alberta and Ontario are apart of the Canadian Driver Licence Compact which allows provinces to easily share license information.

The Alberta Traffic Safety Act says you are not eligible to apply for a license if you are currently suspended in another province.

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