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by: tdrive2 on

My dad's freind in germany came to ontario once for a business trip.

He was coming along up through buffalo.

He called us and asked if that sign was real that said 150 km/hr is street racing and theyll take your car.

He thought it was a joke haha. I guess when we told him that it was infact a law they thought it was quite funny.

I think in most southern states the limit is 75 or 80 on freeways.

Again why in ontario do we have 100 in the GTA and in the middle of no where land i dont get it.

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by: tdrive2 on

The autobahn system is great.

A bit of fear is a good thing. When you have some guy in a bmw going 250 in the left lane and you want to pass a truck going 120 you are gonna wait for him to pass, in Ontario they cut him off the road.

The autobahn is good this is how driving should work on the road.

1) Mind your own business

2) Don't endanger or INCONVENIENCE anybody else

3) Drive safely pick a speed you feel is appropriate and get to your destination

This is what super highways are for and should accomplish.

Another problem with the 100 km/hr speed limit is some people shouldn't be on big highways.

My grandparents refused to go on the QEW. They said it was to fast and they did not feel very safe.

Can you imagine if we put the 401 up to 130 how many less of those people would take a slower route that are not competent enough to do it?

The second thing we forget is people are different in life. Not everyone is same. Women and men are not equal. Not all drivers are equal. Certain people are better at certain things.

Some people yes are better then other drivers. We seem to forget this.

Another thing that is false. Lets say the province put the MAXIMUM speed to 140. Some of you will say everyone would go 170 then. This is false.

Even on the autobahn not everyone maxes their car out. Infact they seem to forget around 130 it starts to cost alot more for fuel. Not everyone is going to be F1 racing up and down our highways.

I sure as hell wouldn't it costs to much. 100 is to slow but for me even to cross 150 would make no sense because at that speed my engine needs to rev so much higher when u get up to those speeds and the fuel starts to cost to much more.

Secondly when you drive faster you have to pay more attention to the road.

Although 250 is very fast you guys forget it was a 5 lane road in the middle of the night. It was dangerous and stupid but it is not like he was probably weaving in and out of lanes.Mind you the 400 is 5 lanes there to.

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