A speeding traffic ticket is subject to section 128 of the Highway Traffic Act.
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Opp Clocked Two Speeds At The Same Time Moving Radar.

by: kevmik on

Hi im new to the forum here and have a question. Me and a friend were up north heading back to Toronto travelling southbound on Highway 10 in separate vehicles when an OPP cruiser travelling in the opposite direction pulled a U-Turn. My friend was the head vehicle i pulled over and the officer pulled him over. I then stopped not too far right behind him to wait for him as we were still quite a distance from home. ( I know i should have just kept going). The officer then says he caught my friend going 111 in a 80. He then comes up to me and says he caught me going 106. I then asked him how he could get both speeds at the same time and he said he paced me. He then gave us both tickets for 15 over. I was just wondering if he can clock two speeds at the same time and i should bother fighting this because i will have to go all the way to Owen Sound court and i live in Toronto. I also attached the officers notes. The part where it says "they asked how i could get two speeds at the same time", I cant understand what he wrote after that.

https://ibb.co/wJw7K2B https://ibb.co/HqLHQ3h
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by: bend on

It's not exactly picking up two speeds at the same time. Moving radar can be set so it's just constantly picking up speeds. Once one car passes, it'll just give you the speed on the next car and so on. So if two vehicles are following each other, it would be possible to pick up both once the lead vehicle moves forward enough.

The disclosure reads:

"... 2 oncoming vehicles with approximately 5 vehicle space between lead vehicle black Toyota Camry 111. Upon passing, radar read 106 for following vehicle, Grey Volkswagen. Both drivers stopped for me. I passed rear vehicle and stopped front vehicle, then rear vehicle pulled in behind me...."

"... After answering several questions at roadside regarding court and ticket process, they asked how I could get two speeds at the same time. I explained that the first vehicle was going 111 and that I confirmed the radar on the following vehicle to make sure I hadn't pulled it up instead. They also asked if it would reflect on their record and if they could fight it in court. I explained that they could do so in Owen Sound."

The rest is a run-through of the radar testing and how it passed the individual tests.

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