Historic Plate Use

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Historic Plate Use

by: coolhandsbob on
Wed Nov 13, 2013 10:03 pm

We are presently involved in a situation where a old school bus was converted to a mobile hunting camp . Is is parked on the owners property and hasn't moved in years . Kind of a eye sore but our municipality doesn't have a bylaw about recreational vehicles but does have one about unplated vehicles. My question is does a old converted school bus qualify for historic plate just because its old. I know the owner has gone that route just to get a valid plate without paying much. This to me is a total misuse of a plate and a form of fraud . Am I correct or wrong and what do i do if it is not proper. I read where these plates are to be used to move a vehicle to and from car shows or to garage for repairs that is kinda why fee is so low cause they are not meant to be driven daily . But in this case the bus is never ever going to see the road again unless its hooked to a tow truck.
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by: ynotp on
Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:57 am

As long as the bus is substantially unmodified it should be able to qualify for historic plates. I wouldn't consider setting up some bunks on the inside a substantial change. Plenty of old commercial vehicles qualify: old fire trucks etc. If the bus were taken on the road and was unsafe a police or MTO officer could seize the plates. Either way it is on private property and isn't going to be on the road so no one is going to inspect this bus for HTA violations.
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