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Plate Sticker

by: viper1 on

For the first time I renewed my sticker on-line.

It was fairly painless but left me with a question.

my sticker expires on may 31 and the receipt says to call them in 31 days if I have any problems getting new one in mail.

so potentially I might have to drive up to 3 weeks with expired sticker.

Is the receipt considered a valid proof of sticker?

or do I just need receipt to get a replacement if it comes to that?

I am wondering if cop can tell that it is valid?

all new system to me any feedback thanks.



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by: bend on

You can renew your licence plate sticker online right up to the date it expires. If you renew online within the 9 days before your licence plate sticker expires you simply need to print your receipt and keep a copy in your vehicle as proof that you have renewed.

Your receipt is valid for 10 days after the expiry date.

Always keep your old licence plate sticker on the plate until you get your new sticker in the mail and you can attach it to the upper right-hand corner of your licence plate.

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