received 5 Summons , need some help on what to do

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received 5 Summons , need some help on what to do

by: bluedragon on
Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:59 pm

I need all the help I can to get this matter resolved.
Want to make it short and to the point , car purchased for my brother who lives in Texas and was bought sometime last October with a blown engine . So got it towed to a repair facility and it sat there for the winter and finally had a engine rebuilt in July of this year. Then booked an appointment with Volkswagen for rust warranty coverage and got a date for November 3rd. I was driving the car on Saturday with a dealer plate from my company and got pulled over and served with the following summons.
1. Fail to surrender Permit for Motor Vehicle
2.Use Plate not authorized for vehicle
3. Owner operate motor vehicle - no insurance
4. Use Plate not in accordance with act
5. Fail to apply for permit on becoming owner.

I cannot the ownership over to someone who lives in Texas and the car has to be driven across for the import procedure. I didn't know the consequences but looks like I am now screwed. Does anyone have any suggestions ?
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by: UnluckyDuck on
Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:29 am

Don't quote me on this, but you're supposed to apply for a permit within 7 days of purchase (or something like that), reason why you got #5. Since you never applied for the permit, that explains #1. Dealer plates can only be used if the vehicle is owned by the dealership, which explains 2 and 4. Usually garsge/ dealer insurance covers those vehicles, however since the vehicle was not registered under the shop, it's not covered.

Short and simple, seek legal council.
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by: jsherk on
Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:17 pm

The date on the summons is NOT your trial date.

Now you can show up and just plead guilty to everything right there and accept the consequences but I do not suggest that.

When you show up you will probably get chance to talk to prosecutor. They may or may not offer you a plea deal of some kind. Even if they do offer you a plea, you should still nicely ask if you can see disclosure before you decide.

So assuming they say yes then when they call you up you can say that you are waiting for disclosure before you decide how you want to proceed. They will then set another date for you to come back.

This second date is not your trial either. You will go up before JP again and you can say that you would like a trial date set and then they will set one for you.
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