received four summons on my CANCELLED ontario drivin license

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received four summons on my CANCELLED ontario drivin license

by: ashhab on
Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:58 am

while i was waiting for a police officer to show up after i called them to report a domestic issue, a female cop showed up when i was riding my motorcycle in the neighborhood and i waived at her. she asked me to come and talk to her in the plaza near my house.

shocked by her first question, she asked me for my license, insurance, and ownership. i only had my ownership(green slip) on me. she didn't even ask me about the incident that i called for, she went to her cruiser and came back with four summons, she wrote the tickets based on the RIN no. on my ownership which is my DLN on the already cancelled Ontario license.

I have told her that i am licensed but i am carrying a valid NOVASCOTIA license which expire in 2019, i didn't have it on me that time. i have switched my Ontario one and therefore the MTO has automatically cancelled my Ontario and refunded me. Now this stupid officer basically wrote the four summons on a cancelled Ontario license that i am not willing to reinstate it anytime soon. probably not for years. i am going to be going back and forth to NS therefore decided to keep it.

What are the consequences of having outstanding tickets on a cancelled license?

What is the reaction of the prosecutor when he discovers that she didn't identify me using a valid pictured driving license? Is he going to withdraw them because she couldn't write tickets on an already cancelled license ? what is her situation at the trial?

The four tickets were failure to surrender license, ownership(although she seen it), insurance card, and driving motor vehicle with no insurance(i had insurance but from novascotia but her system cant see it because the insurance is based on novascotia license and mto cant see it)!!!!!!

Can i just ignore them because the two provinces are not related to each other?
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by: daggx on
Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:22 pm

I wouldn't just ignore them. If you do that a number of things could happen. Potentially a warrant could be issued for your arrest if you don't show up in court or they could decide to proceed to trial without you in which case you will almost certainly be convicted of everything. If you are convicted in absentia you will be responsible for what ever fines the court assess. If you do not pay the fines your driving privileges in Ontario will be suspended, even though you have a valid NS license. If you are caught driving in Ontario you could be charged with driving while suspended which caries a fine of $1000-$5000 and up to 6 months in jail. Having an out of province DL won't help as the Ontario suspension will still come up when they run your name and, as far as Ontario is concerned, will supersede any licence you have from somewhere else. Finally even if you decide not to drive in Ontario again, the city in which you were summoned will probably hire a collection agency to go after you for the money which could trash your credit rating. Also, on a more positive note, it sounds like you have a valid defence to at least two of those charges so why let them go on your record when you could get them thrown out. For instance if you can show that you had insurance coverage on the date the officer stopped you then you should be acquitted of that charge. With the fail to show ownership charge you can question the officer at trial as to how she identified you. If you get her to admit it was from the ownership papers then that charge should be tossed as well.
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