Received Summons For Careless Driving - What Do I Do?

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Received Summons For Careless Driving - What Do I Do?

by: G1Driver on

I am a novice driver (G1) that was practicing driving around with my friend who only has a G2 license. It was a sunny day and road collisions were fine. I took a turn too quickly, panicked and hit the gas instead of the brakes, and ended up crashing the car into a tree. I received a summons for careless driving and another for driving without a qualified driver. Is there any chance that the charges may be reduced so that my license won't be suspended? This is my first ticket and I have no idea what to do, any advice would be appreciated.

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by: bend on

Get used to the idea that your license will be suspended.

Both are suspendable offenses for your driving class. I don't believe there is any leeway for breaking one of the conditions on your license. Either that person was a fully licensed driver or not, and it's not something you can really make an argument on.

You are also considered a novice driver under novice sanctions. Any conviction that comes with 4 or more demerit points is an automatic suspension. Careless driving will get you suspended. This offense at least has potential for leeway. However, considering your scenario, it's a long shot.

Novice sanctions comes with a 30 day suspension on your first suspendable offense. Second is 90 days. On the third, they will cancel your license.

The odds are stacked against you here.

You can deal with it yourself or hire outside help. Maybe you'll catch some luck on one, but most likely not on both.

You'll have a bit more info after your summons. Let us know what happens.

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