Question On Dealer Transfer Of Plate To A New Car

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Question On Dealer Transfer Of Plate To A New Car

by: bobajob on

Hello gentlefolk,

Now with Covid and trying to get into the DMV, I was wondering about buying cars and registering them etc.

So, My last car, the dealer got a plate and registered the car (I paid for that)

Now my existing car, I want to transfer the plate to the new car. So wondering how this is done ? So my plates have to come off my car, and then on to the new car (I'm part -exchanging the car, so do I do it when I take the car in to pick up my new car)

If I'm driving in my old car on the day to the new car, when do they register the car, on the day of, the day before or when I get there, because, my plates are on MY car, and not the new car

and if they do it before hand am I driving illegally and can I get a ticket

feels confusing to me


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