License Plate Transfer

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License Plate Transfer

by: tuco123 on

I just bought a used vehicle and my other vehicle is not working but insured. Can i transfer my plates on the old vehicle to the just purchased vehicle? Isn't there a grace period of 6 days in which i can do this???

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by: lawmen on

Call the MTO to find out for sure, but I say no you cannot do what you suggest. The plates have a sticker on them and another sticker is placed on your ownership slip. Therefore, the plates are only good for the car they were registered for. You may be able to transer them to the new car put I doubt you can just do this on your own without going through the MTO first.

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by: hwybear on

HTA 11(3)Temporary Use of Plates

- a person to whom number plates have been issued for a vehicle that the person no longer owns or leases may affix the number plates to a similiar vehicle

HTA 11(4) Excemption to Temporary Use of Plates

- allowed up to 6 days on becoming the owner

- carry vehicle portion and transfer application signed by both the person named on the permit and NEW owner (back of permit)

- carry plate portion of permit which matches plate, which will match name of new owner

- plus for a USED motor vehicle, carry a safety standards certificate valid within 36days

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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