Is This Law Been For 6 Years

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Is This Law Been For 6 Years

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I would like to see on news about a new law pass in highway traffic act ;requires motorists when approching a police ,fire or ambulance vehicle stopped with its red lights flashing in same direction of travel, either in a lane or on the shoulder of the road , to slow down and pass with caution. if the road has two or more lanes . the motorist must move over into another lanes. the motorist must move over into another lane , if it can be done safely. well i did not know this so i was on the 401 and pass police with flashing lights east edsthere was 4 police car . also i was in far right lane on shoulder of the road . one of police car came after me and pulled me over , he ask me why i did not pull into the middle lane when passing the police with flashing lights on . i told him i did not know about that , he said in rude voice that it been law for 6 years. he went back to his car with i

d and etc. i notice 5 car passing me on right far lane . ten i seen another police car pull someone over for same reason right in front of me. i got a ticket for 490.00. it was a trap because how often do you see 4 police car who have pull on car over. i think it would be nice if you put it on the air just so poepeoknow . i like the law and if i know about it , i would have done it no problems. i wonder how many other were fine today on 401. i had total of 7 car passing me while i was pulled over by the the wrong lane . so if you could be so nice as just to say it on the air to remind drivers about this law . because i know i can not afford the fine of 490 and it to late for me but it may save someone else . and it the law . I really did not know about this law . can anyone help me with this

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The OPP tend to selectively enforce specific HTA violations at certain times. Right now, they are focusing pretty heavy on the "move left" violation on the 401. One officer I associate with on-line writes, quote:, "a few of these per day".

I had no idea it was such an expensive ticket. Zoiks! If I were you, I would make a call to the Crown Attorney at the court listed on the back of your ticket and tell him it was very difficult to see the cruiser (due to traffic). It's likely that he would be more than willing to amend your charge to a much lesser charge.

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