pulled over going 166 400 south 17 years old g2

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Re: pulled over going 166 400 south 17 years old g2

by: bobajob on
Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:28 pm

correct; but insurance "if they ask the question" usually, is what/how many convictions have you had in the past "5" years; albeit; if you've been with the insurance company some years and towards year 4 or 5 been good;
the hike should be less,

it WILL effect you for at least 5 years though insurance wise
CTKShadow wrote: I'll end with a bit of good news: After 3 years, the charge will no longer show up on your insurance or driver's abstract. So it won't affect your long term employment prospects, except with the police (as the police and courts can see your entire history of convictions).
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