135 in a 70 in Quebec 2 1/2 Years ago, Still not on abstract

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135 in a 70 in Quebec 2 1/2 Years ago, Still not on abstract

by: Tyler31622 on
Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:18 pm

Hey there, I was pulled over doing 135 in a 70 2 1/2 year's ago in Quebec, I know it's stupid, I've learned from my mistake's, It was an honest mistake, I was on a highway, passing somebody but it was a 70 zone, not 100 (Stupid me) 1.6KM away was the 100 zone tho, go figure.

Anyway's, Long story short, my ticket was in the court system for over 2 year's, I was convicted in January 2014 finally, how will this affect my Ontario License? I was convicted under a.329 c.11, so I'm assuming it just transfer's over to Ontario as an Out of Province over 50 Ticket, Thankfully it was over 2 year's ago so Demerit point's were not issued to my license, ( I realize my insurance is still going to sky rocket tho )

Another thing is, I was convicted in January, and I just pulled my Ontario Abstract, and it's still clean? is there a slight possibility that the ticket never made it's way over to Ontario?

Edit: I would also like to add that when I was pulled over in Quebec, they suspended my license in Quebec for 7 day's, and that never transfered over to Ontario either, (as in the 7 day suspension doesn't show up on my abstract, and that was over 2 years ago)

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