I Have Been Trying To Get My Licesne Back For 12 Years Now..

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I Have Been Trying To Get My Licesne Back For 12 Years Now..

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I have a question I have been fighting with the MTO for over 8 years now about my past convictions and well realize that there is an issue in regards to suspension timelines. Everytime I speak to someone they tell me that they assure me the data is correct but I know its not. I was convicted back in 1992 my first offence for driving in police pursuit and then I was charged after the fact about 5 more times for driving with no license and no insurance. Now I did the prison time at the time and paid off all of the fines and still I have suspensions. I started off in 1992 and figured out that each suspension would end 2 to 3 years of each other or after each other as per my drivers abstract. This would bring me to the 2007 year. However my first conviction starts at 1992 and is posted for a period of 15years? Your help would be greatly apprceiated as I feel all that I am getting is the run around and well truth be told I havent as much as hiccuped or broke the law in over 12 years now. Thanks again for your time

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