Québec resident, Ontario license?

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Québec resident, Ontario license?

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Hi there,

First off I appologize if this is not in the right forum, but I can't seem to find an answer to this particular situation anywhere on the net, and isn't something that has happened, but rather something I'd like to do.

I would like to know at what point this is legal, or illegal, to avoid any trouble.

Long story/situation short :

- I'm a Québec resident (not too far from the Ontario border), and have a regular class 5 drivers license.
- I have family in Ottawa.
- I wish to get my motorbike license in Ontario, since the restrictions aren't as rediculous as in QC, and I'd avoid the whole probationary period we have here, requiring that I absolutely ride accompanied by another rider for a certain period of time.

My question is; can I get an Ontario Photo ID (using my family's home address, as though I were an Ontario citizen) to then apply for an Ontario license, at which point I'd have an Ontario-plated bike, with Ontario registration and insurance in Québec? Will they (cops/Ontario-government/SAAQ) see that I already have another license in another province?

Thanks in advance for any answers or suggestions :)

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It's illegal to have more than 1 license. Just move to Ontario then transfer your license get your M then move back. Ontario has graduated licensing for motorcycles too.

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