3 Day License Suspension For Warn Range Ontario

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3 Day License Suspension For Warn Range Ontario

by: florals94 on

Hi Everyone,

I got pulled over and blew the "warn range" in the breathalyzer, which resulted in a 3 day license suspension. I am aware that this will appear as an administrative suspension on my driver's abstract, but is this considered criminal as well? As in, will it show up in a criminal background check during employment proceedings?

I am starting to get really concerned and I will never do something like this again. It's just something I'm wondering about it.

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by: bend on

It will not show up on a criminal record. You should have no issues with future jobs.

It will show up on your driving abstract as an administrative suspension. However, the reason for the suspension will not be listed.

Officers will also probably be aware of the offense if they pull up your name.

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