Charged As Owner - Insurance/abstract

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Charged As Owner - Insurance/abstract

by: newfie29 on

I received a ticket for improper passing of a school bus in Simcoe County of March 2013 under "Fail to stop for school bus HTA 175 (11) or (12)". Long story short: plead guilty and the trail was attended by paralegal as I had moved across the country.. trial date was in January of 2014 and the fine was reduced to "Fail to stop for school bus - owner, HTA 175 (19)". I paid the fine in full shortly afterward.

I am now living in Nfld and am planning on shopping around for insurance. My current company hasn't mentioned anything regarding my conviction and the new company asks about 5-year history. My question: Does the reduced conviction (as owner) show up on a 5-year driver's abstract? Is there any way for another insurance company to see my conviction if checking my history?

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by: jsherk on

I can not answer your question directly, however since it was against the OWNER it should not show up on your driving record as you were not charged as the DRIVER.

The best way to confirm is go in to drivers license bureau wherever you live and ask for a copy of your 5-year abstract that insurance companies would get.

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