Question Re Suspension And Abstract

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Question Re Suspension And Abstract

by: mrhiab on

Hi all 1st post here. Not sure if in correct spot?

So in 2012 I got pulled over and ended up with a couple tickets for no proof of valid ins ($65) Expired Pink slip and expired val tag ($110) 12 days.

I was in my Gf's vehicle at the time and she said she would pay them as it was really her fault for not making sure these things were up to date.

Well she didn't (said she did) and WE split shortly after that so I never thought anything about it.

Fast Fwd to 2014 and I found out through attempting to get an abstract for a job that it was suspended.

I paid the fines...just waiting to reinstate.

So my question would be will this show on my abstract & CVOR as a suspension.

In the end it's my fault for not checking that they were paid.

Funny thing is I've been driving all along.


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