Stunt Driving Speeding 58kmh Over: Speak To Crown? Conflicting Narrative In Disclosure?

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Stunt Driving Speeding 58kmh Over: Speak To Crown? Conflicting Narrative In Disclosure?

by: Ontariodriver20 on

G2 driver pulled over on 400 series highway and charged with 58Kmh over and Stunting.

Had first appearance only and received disclosure. Charge screening offered accept guilty Stunt ($3000 + 1yr susp.) and will withdraw speeding.

Before shelling out the additional funds for a paralegal at this stage, my intention was to speak with the crown to accept a plea on 29km over (even would take 49km over) and withdraw the rest. If they say no, get a paralegal.

The disclosure mentions they do not take requests to meet in person or by phone with self-represented individuals.

Is there any harm reaching out myself by email with a counter offer for the above reduced plea (29km over) to save court time, with brief reason about conflicting narrative by officer?

Officer written notes stated:

I was travelling at speed 112km/hr

1h curb lane (right)

A vehicle passed me at a high rate of speed. I had the radar on the front antenna it captured a speed of 158km/hr in 100km/hr zone. I moved to the left behind the vehicle and accelerated. There were no other vehicles between me and offending vehicle. I continued to observe a speed of 158km/hr and conducted a speed discrimination test.

His type statement matches these notes, but the additional narrative and tracking history provided (has check boxes for officer to match with situation) was contradictory and impossible:

-(testing times before and after listed)

-I was operating a MPH Bee III

-The radar was in same direction mode

-I was using the permanently mounted antenna aimed directly out the front window of my police vehicle

-In this mode I am able to track the speed of moving motor vehicles travelling in front of and in the same direction at any speed as long as there is a +/1 8km/hr difference

-My patrol speed at the start of the track was displayed at 112km/h which i confirmed with my odometer

Tracking History:

-the defendant was travelling in excess of the speed limit

-there were no other vehicles between the radar and the defendant’s vehicle and with the antenna aimed in the direction of his/her vehicle, I received a speed reading of 158km/hr

-I correlated the audio doppler tone with the speed displayed

-The defendant’s vehicle passed me at which point

-I obtained readings of the vehicles travelling behind the defendant at 158km/hr

-I began confirming my observations with the radar when the defendant’s vehicle was approximately 50 m away

-the final reading was taken approximately 150m away

-I activated my emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop

Based on that narrative he was unable to record my speed behind him because he had a front facing radar only, and reported clocking another vehicle not mine when I passed.

Not sure if this is enough that a competent paralegal would have a good chance of introducing reasonable doubt to get me off completely or make a better deal with the prosecutor for a lower plea.

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by: Sagama on

Hey man, reach out to the prosecutor ask for a meeting and talk about what happened ask for reduction of the tickets and because of COVID times they might give you a break. I was charged with stunt, racing, speeding after the police officer said I was doing 134km on a 80km zone (false statement) I talk to the prosecutor prior my 2nd court date and she dropped the stunt and racing and lowered the speeding for a disobey sign ticket

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