Disclosure - Crown Refusal Due To Sensitivity Of Contents

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Disclosure - Crown Refusal Due To Sensitivity Of Contents

by: HelpMePlease on

during 1st and 2nd appearance the crown did not provide disclosure as the contents were deemed sensitive and I was denied legal aid. I cannot afford a lawyer and have appealed the legal aid position. The judge adjournd for 2 months to allow the appeal to be completed. I indicated that i wanted disclosure the crown indicated their prerference to release the info to another lawyer (officer of the court). It is a sensitive serious offence with several indictable charges... if I have to self represent any advise would be appreciated... 1st appearance was dec 30 and next was jan 27 next is mar 28....

there are a totla of 8 charges and some touch the criminal code... the opp are involved and the Officer in charge was quiet and present for all appearances and the crown is handling it personally...

thoughts or advice would be appreciated... i was denied due to income.

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by: Stanton on

What charges are you facing? Why is the disclosure deemed so sensitive? You're not providing a lot of information to go on.

I really don't know what to say other than if the charges are as serious as you allege, I would make all efforts to obtain competent legal representation. Some criminal lawyers will work on a payment plan if you can't afford their full fees up front. This doesn't sound like a matter where you want to represent yourself, particularly if you have no legal experience.

Edit: I should add that the refusal to provid you with disclosure has me very curious as to why. The information should be vetted, meaning that any personal information (phone numbers, addresses, dates of birth, etc.) of any witnesses and officers would be removed from your copy. Even if they provide the information to your lawyer, he or she would still have to review the allegations and evidence with you, meaning you would most likely be aware of the disclosure's contents at some point.

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