Given Summons for stunt driving and speeding 101 in 50

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Given Summons for stunt driving and speeding 101 in 50

by: smiley1213 on
Thu Oct 06, 2011 12:16 pm

Hi there-

Just looking for some advice form anyone who has gone through somthing similar or if familair with this as I am not at all. I was on a back country rd. in Hamilton on a route a don't normally drive. The road goes from an 80km/hr zone to a short 50km/hr zone very quickly. I must have not seen the first warning signs that a 50km was approaching- when I started slowing (which i did try to) it was too late and the cop clocked me in at 101km/hr in a 50 zone. I was given stunt driving, car impounded, suspension for 7 days as well as a speeding ticket with two court summons. I am definitely seeking advice and legal representation- that is a given. Does anyone have any other advice? What were the outcomes of any similar case? Is there a chance I that the penalty can be lowed? I can't afford the minimum, let alone the maximum fines for stunt driving. And losing my liscene for any extended period would be even worse since I commute a long distance to work and to school. The cop told me that in most cases he has seen they will get you for the speeding but drop the stunt driving. He also did not give me accurate information about the penalties when I asked. He said the minimum fine was $500-$5000 for both tickets and there was no chance I would have my license suspended any further (I don't know if this matters).

What are the next steps? How is a disclosure requested?

Thanks to all for any help.
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by: Radar Identified on
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Well chances are, you'll get the stunt driving lowered to speeding... unless you've got an extensive record.

Yes, the officer was "technically" incorrect. The fines are $2000 to $10 000, however, in court they generally do result in $500 to $5000 for the first offence, since the JPs are given discretion to lower the fines below the minimums. You were wise in seeking legal advice.

There is a possibility that your licence could be further suspended, although in your case it is highly unlikely.
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