Stunt Driving Speeding 65 Kmh Over: My Results

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Stunt Driving Speeding 65 Kmh Over: My Results

by: ontariodriver9 on

Hi everyone,

I am writing this post to share the result of my charge and resolution.

License: G license with no prior HTA convictions

Jurisdiction: Offense committed in Brampton/Peel

Charge: Stunt Driving - Speeding 65 kmh over in a 100 kmh zone

On a 400-series highway, road-side administrative suspension of license and vehicle impound. To get my vehicle back, I paid exorbitant private impound lot rates plus towing rates that were set/increased arbitrarily by a municipal steering committee in charge of bylaw regarding rates for towing and impounds--the research I did and speaking to municipal bylaw officers suggests that this is a result of municipal corruption favoring the private owners of these services, as the decision was made to change the bylaw to set the daily rate from $15 to $80.

I was charged back in March 2020 and my court summons was pushed back until May 2021.

Court summons: I was present (through telephone) at the summons date, and as per advice from these forums, I spoke with the Crown prosecutor before formally entering court. The first thing the prosecutor asked me was whether I wanted to resolve this charge.

I said yes, and they immediately offered speeding 129 kmh in a 100 kmh zone.

I agreed and then entered the court and the prosecutor told the Justice of Peace that we have come to a resolution for speeding 29 kmh over the limit. The Justice read me my charge and I plead guilty. I was fined $130~ plus court fees.

Good luck everyone!

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