189km In 100 Posted Zone. Stunt Driving And Having Cannabis Readily Available In Vehicle

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189km In 100 Posted Zone. Stunt Driving And Having Cannabis Readily Available In Vehicle

by: madeahugemistake on

I understand the severity of my offences, and I can't stress how much I regret it. I know I endangered the lives of myself and more importantly others. I usually do not speed and I know running late for work is an unacceptable excuse. I will be a man and accept the consequences of my actions although I would appreciate any advice for my situation.

Bottom line, 1 pound of cannabis was found in my vehicle and I was doing 189km near Port Hope. I'm planning on representing myself. I was charged with stunt driving and having cannabis readily available in my vehicle. (I was stocking up because of the COVID crisis) Is there anything I should refrain from saying on my first appearance? I will accept any deal if the crown offers me one but because of its severity I am not hopeful.

I'm 19 and from a low income family - it's safe to say I won't be driving for the next 5 years, but I would like to continue college and not go to jail. The stupidity, carelessness, and recklessness of my actions is very apparent to me and I am fully prepared to communicate it in court.


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by: nopeedlimit on

say nothing, but nicely ask for your disclosure which is your right. then you decide what you do next whether hire a paralegal lawyer or diy. if the crown is nice enough he or she might just give you a very good offer then take it. in the court they dont need your excuses they need to prove you are guilty and you are innocent until proven that's the whole point of a trail.

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by: highwaystar on

You must have been charged criminally for the pot possession under the CDSA, correct? If so, get a lawyer and don't self-represent. You'll be dealing with a federal Crown for the federal charge (the pot possession) and a provincial Crown for the stunt driving. It will take place in a criminal court, so this is not the forum you want to get advice from. If that's the scenario then your matter has been elevated to a criminal court because of the pot charge.

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by: commitedmistakes on

madeahugemistake wrote:
Tue Sep 14, 2021 4:48 pm

Thanks for the replies guys. I ended with a plea deal of 2500. My actions could have killed somebody, I’m glad my non-thinking behaviour was brought to my attention. No one wants an accident to happen, but at higher speeds the results could be fatal. Stay safe!

Why the plea deal of 2500? Did not they drop the stunt driving charge and reduced it to 49 over speed limit or something?

Can you tell us the breakdown of this 2500$ charge?

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