Stunt Driving 155km Over In 100 Zone.

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Stunt Driving 155km Over In 100 Zone.

by: turtlezlol on

I was charged with 155km on hwy 403. Car got impounded for a week and license suspended for a week. Officer gave me a yellow summons paper with a date to appear.

It was past midnight around 1:30-2am and I was just trying to move into a place my relative is renting to me near my university. She was waiting to give me the key so I got impatient ... and of course I got caught for stunt driving. Bad decision.

My trunk and seats were filled with personal belongings such as clothes, backpack, bags of food, etc. Had to transfer all that to Uber in the middle of the night...

I have a many questions about this ticket..

What are the chances of the ticket being reduced to 49? given that I had a speeding ticket a year ago though reduced to Disobey Sign... how much would this affect current ticket being reduced?

Is it a good idea a appear by myself? I honestly can't afford hiring someone right now. The impoundment fee alone was already over 1400 and I had to pay with credit card and slowly pay it back..

How do I go about speaking to the prosecutor? should I just explain whatever happened to him/her? because that's basically pleading guilty and I don't know what other choice I have


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