Stunt Driving. Excess Speed: 132 Km/hr In A Posted 80

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Stunt Driving. Excess Speed: 132 Km/hr In A Posted 80

by: Amanda95 on

If anyone has any advice or information on how this could play out for me.. very worried.

G2 driver for almost a year.

Previous speeding ticket (about 10 over)

Was driving in a pack of cars all keeping a steady pace of about 110km/h.

In the right lane, after numerous failed attempts to merge into the centre lane due to people simply not allowing me, (I'm assuming) the car infront of me saw, and they sped so I had room to merge infront.

So I accelerated, merged, gave myself a little distance and before I knew it I saw the flashing lights at the speed trap.

It was an innocent mistake, I was a mess that day, but I'm pretty worried this isn't going to turn out in my favour. This just happened, still figuring out/seeking legal advice..

But any tips or information would be very helpful!!

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