142m/h In A 90m/h Zone..stunt Driving

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142m/h In A 90m/h Zone..stunt Driving

by: jackyyip33 on

Please i am searching for advise all over the net.....but all i see is negative responds....if anyone knows whats the worse outcome or anything related please leave your truthful commends down...

Here is my case.

First of all my car is from a rento company which is 70 per day.

I came from waterloo all the way to DVP and was around 1 am......to be honest i didnt know DVP was 90m/h because i dont own a car. i didnt do much driving and was planning to get my G License at the end of the month......but i have been driving for 4 hours straight when i dont usually drive a car....i really didnt know i was going that fast of speed. the police car came up and pulled me over, telling me i was doing 142m/h she asked" you were going 142 in a 90 zone, did you know the law over 50m/h is under stunt driving. i really didnt know what was under stunt driving and she didnt tell me anything about it..the only thing she said was the car can be impounded for 7 days and take my DL for 7 days.....i was like ok i dont owe a car i dont even need my DL.....but god damn it i did some research that saying


MIN 2000$-10,000$

6 points

6months of jail

I regret i was speeding that much and wish it never happened..but now i am so worried and stressed case of this

at that time i was only worried about the impound fee and the rento fee which is leaving me at around 1200$ and i found a paralegal to help me..........but i just wanted to see if anyone in here knows or have experienced something like this and what was the outcome of it.

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by: Hugo_Berserk on

If you're from Ontario it will cost you $150 to have your licence reinstated (or correct me if I'm wrong). But that's nothing compared to the rest.

You are right there is a lack of information about this particular offence.

First symptom of being charged under HTA 172 seems to be the feeling that one can no longer afford to drive... and that's even before your day in court. Unless you're rich and

From what I have read, you are likely to be able to get the charges lowered to speeding, especially as you weren't going much faster than 50 over. You will then pay a big fine, just not as high. Insurance will not increase as much, even though this does not apply to you right now down the road it might save you a lot of money.

I'm no expert on this issue, I'm also trying to figure these things out. Paralegal seems to be the way to go, even though they seem almost too confident.

Don't forget to give us some news once it's all finished.

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