170 on 417 (100 zone) - charged by stunt driving

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170 on 417 (100 zone) - charged by stunt driving

by: beko on
Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:35 pm

Hi everyone,

I was stopped on 417 on my to Ottawa from Montreal. The officer stated that my speed was 170. He impounded my car (it was a rental car from montreal) in Ontario for 7 days and handed me a court date for May 3rd. I am being charged by stunt driving. The courthouse is in Cornwall. I find myself stuck with a lot of options and do not know how to proceed.

1) I believe I should not go to court by myself and get legal representation. Does it make a big difference between hiring a lawyer and a paralegal ??
2) I guess it would be better to hire someone locally from Cornwall, so that he could have a better negotiating power, since it's going to be his home court and he is there everyday. But then it's not easy to find one over the internet and go with a feeling over the phone. What do you guys recommend? Is there paralegals or lawyers that you guys recommend and have represented you in the past successfully?

3) I really can't afford the full charges of stunt driving. So I would like to get minimum damage from this case. What is the best way to proceed??

Please help

Thank you
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