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by: Bettsy on

In an atttempt to get to a gas station that I could not make a left turn into because of a boulevard I continued along the road until I came to the first intersection. There was a no U-turn sign at the intersection, so I turned left and proceeded down the street a short distance and then turned around in a private driveway. I went back to the intersection and turned right and proceed down the same road I originally turned off, heading in the opposite direction. I was pulled over and given a ticket for making a U-turn. I was also given a ticket for an expired drivers license. Is there any chance of winning if I fight either ticket?

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by: Stanton on

From the explanation provided, it doesn't sound like you actually made a u-turn, so therefore you didn't commit the offence. What was the intersection and actual charge (section #)? Do you know where the officer was and did you explain what happened?

As for driving with an expired licence, I think that would be much harder to dispute in court. You could try having a first attendance meeting with the Crown and see about having one charge dropped if you plead to the other. The expired licence charge carries a much higher fine, but no demerit points. Be sure to bring proof that you've renewed your licence.

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