No Left Turn From A Dedicated Left Turn Lane

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No Left Turn From A Dedicated Left Turn Lane

by: feldma14 on

I got a ticket this morning at about 8am for making a left turn, which could not be made between 7am and 9am. The intersection was at Hillmount Ave and Bathurst St in Toronto. The intersection has a dedicated left-hand turn lane, which is why I didn't notice the sign. I'm thinking of arguing that the traffic laws are ambiguous; since I'm in the left-turn lane, it would be illegal to not turn left and change lanes in an intersection or to go straight, while it would also be illegal to turn left.


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by: Stanton on

Looking at the intersection on Streetview, I don't see any signs posted indicating you must turn left (square black signs with white arrows). It would also be legal I believe to stop, signal and merge back into a through lane.

I agree it's a stupid design to have a left turn lane that you can't use at certain hours, but I'm not sure you have a viable defence yet.

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by: Radar Identified on

This is much like the garbage trap they like to set up to catch people turning left at Bay and Edward in downtown Toronto between 4 and 6 PM... unfortunately they tend to stick in court...

Anyway you may be able to plea-bargain to a lesser offence in this case... that is, unless they take more than 11 months to bring the case to trial.

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