Residential Streets Most Dangerous To Kids, Says Safe Kids

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Residential Streets Most Dangerous To Kids, Says Safe Kids

by: admin on

Here's an interesting article with new research about speeding on residential streets.

Residential streets most dangerous to kids, says Safe Kids Canada

Drivers need to slow down: a child hit by a car

travelling at 50 km/h has an 80 per cent chance of being killed
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by: Reflections on

I have a practise of turning the music up really loud when driving home. The kids don't like to tunes but they do know that I'm coming. Respect for the cars on the road is safety first as far as I am concerned. The onus is not only on the driver. OR
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by: hwybear on

I certainly believe it is the most dangerous. But why is it everytime I drive somewhere the kids are on the streets....rather than their backyards or on a actual playground. All these times, do I rarely see an adult near.

(one neighbour said this about are other)

A neighbour had a adult over and the both parents kids were playing, kid goes down and playing in the gutter along the road, adult tells child to get away you might get hit, kid doesn't listen, adult does nothing but continues chatting...along comes a car and "swooosh" soaks the kid from the outstanding puddle....parent runs out yelling at the car as it continues down the road....

Whatever happened to adult's taking responsibility!!

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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