Plates Not Entirely Visible Sec 13(2)

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Plates Not Entirely Visible Sec 13(2)

by: es_kay on

I got a ticket for having a dirty liscence plate (2 days after it snowed). I took a few pics of my plates with my iphone about 5 mins later after i was off the road and the plates can be fully read on the pics.

Anybody here experience this?

What are my options?

Is the something that can be resolved at a first attendance if I take the pics with me?


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by: CoolChick on

Basically any opportunity to get revenue is considered acceptable. I would take the case to a trial and be armed with printout of the weather forecast for that day and also the pics. It is always wise to carry a recording device, preferably one that records visually so that you can keep camera running and effectively do a running video of all the facts at that very time and place. That way you have the proof at hand.

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