Insurance Claims I Was In An Accident?

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Insurance Claims I Was In An Accident?

by: tom1331 on

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some guidance as to what I should do.

I got a call today from someone who claims they're from my insurance company and they left me voicemail along these lines

"Good evening Tom, This is so and so calling from TD Insurance, just giving you a call in regards to a car accident you were in on September 9th 2016. Our records show that you didn't have insurance on this car until October 1st 2016 as a result your car isn't covered for damages. However the other people involved in the accident claim to be injured and have opened up a claim. I am gonna go ahead and look over the claim and take care of the other party that's injured. If you have any questions please give me a call back at 416-xxx-xxxx".

Crucial Details:

I didn't buy this car until September 26th 2016 and picked it up on October 1st 2016. (Car accident supposedly happened September 9th 2015 when it was with the dealership)

I have my Bill of Sale that shows I bought the car on September 26th 2015.

I also have the Emissions test print out and it's dated September 29th 2015.

Upon picking up the car, I sold them my old Mazda and I have the bill of sale for that too and it's dated October 1st 2016.

I have a copy of the original "Car Proof" record and it shows 0 accidents

I bought one again tonight and the "Car Proof" still shows 0 accidents.

I also have proof that I was at work that day (attendance records) so depending on what time they claim the accident was I can prove it wasn't me.

I logged into my account online and (for now) it doesn't so any claims.

HOWEVER, The car proof does have some items that worry me.

Under "Service History" it shows each time I've taken my car for oil changes as well as someone else's it seems.

There's a few times it shows my car has been serviced in Barrie, Ontario.

I don't live anywhere near Barrie, Ontario and to make things even more weird, there was an oil change done in Barrie, Ontario on September 1st 2017.

This is important because September 1st is my wedding Anniversary and I was actually in Windsor, Ontario and my wife and I were out for an anniversary dinner.

I have pictures to prove everything as well.

Could it be possible someone stole my VIN?

I'm wondering if it's possible that this may be some sort of scam.

Mainly because if in fact it WAS me in the car accident and I was driving without insurance, why would the insurance company willingly take on a claim when they weren't liable?

I'm not sure what my options are right now.

I don't want to be held accountable for an accident that I didn't do and I couldn't have done it considering I haven't even bought the car yet.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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by: tom1331 on

Thank you for the reply Argyll.

I eventually got a hold of the insurance agent.

He said they received a letter from a lawyer stating it was my car that hit them. When I asked for further details he wouldn't give me anymore until I threatened to call the ombudsman.

He then said apparently I was involved in a "hit and run" with this car and rear ended a Chevy Aveo on September 9th 2016 at Eglinton and DVP.

I mentioned to him again that I was driving a different car at the time of the accident, I did not purchase this car until 17 days later than the accident date and I have the bill of sale to prove it, the car proof report still claims no accidents on file and I also have my time card at work to show I was at work.

All I got back in response was: well I'll tell that to their lawyer and see what they think.

Am I wrong to think this might be some sort of insurance fraud?

Also, isn't it in their best interest as a company to protect my rights and ask me questions before fully accepting blame for a random accident and have to pay out a claim?

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by: argyll on

Did you contact your insurers through a number that you found yourself or did you just call the number that they gave you. This does not sound like a professional way to do business and it could be that it is scam.

I would call your insurance using a phone number on your insurance documents and check that they have a record of this. If it is them then I would prepare a letter detailing your case, state clearly that you do not admit fault and that they should not be admitting the claim.

The doesn't smell right to me. If you were not insured then I would have thought that they would just not get involved. I would also expect them to deal with you through written correspondence.

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by: QBall on

A hit and run with injuries means there must be a police report. If there was a police investigation I find it odd that no one from the police would have contacted you. I would contact TD Insurance's main claims number at 1-866-454-8910, and confirm wit someone there that the person you are speaking to is an actual adjuster from TD and that your claim number is valid. If everything checks out then I would ask the adjuster to provide the details of the officer who investigated the accident. If they are unwilling to provide it then I would speak to a claims supervisor. Also in your original post you keep switching from 2016 to 2015 so it makes your story difficult to follow.

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