medical claims

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medical claims

by: chutter_khan on
Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:18 pm

Hi, i got into a car accident on hwy 401 with a friend of mine. The driver lost control of the car, and it ended up in a ditch. He was charged with a traffic ticket and was found to be at fault. No drugs or alcohol were involved. I was the only person injured in the accident and needed eye surgery. Doctor basically had to reattach my lower eye lid to the rest of my face with stiches. My chornea was damaged leading me to be temporarily blind and I lost my tear duct aswell. They placed a stenth in my eye and so there will be constant tearing for upto a year. I was also on narcotic pain killers and went through excruciating pain.

I can provide a doctor's note from the surgeon and psychiatrist for the head injury. A police report was also made but I dont have it. I also have pre-op photos that the doctors took. I have missed ALOT of school as a result of this accident and have dropped a few courses.

Here's the thing, I am thinking of filing a pain and suffering claim. How will my friend's insurance rate be affected? It already went up by 30%. If I file a claim, will it go up even more? (Frankly, i don't care but I don't really want to screw the guy over). He has third party insurance. His car was totalled and he did not file a claim for the car. I heard that the premium should not go up more than it has already if I file a claim. I am not looking into suing his insurance or anything. His family has also offered to pay all my medical bills but are asking that I don't go to a lawyer. Right now I don't have his policy number because they are concerned I am going to file a huge claim. I can get the number regardless because of the police report. All i know is that he is with insurance company's name edited out by forum.

What is your opinion? I can probably get some money upfront right? His rate is going up regardless. Will it go up even more if I make claims?
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