HTA 62(7) driving with improper headlights, how to fight?

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HTA 62(7) driving with improper headlights, how to fight?

by: timereaper on
Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:36 am

Got pulled over and issued a ticket for highway traffic act 62(7) for I"drive with improper headlights" for my yellow hid bulbs. How should I fight this? anyone know? Is yellow hid illegal? The cop says it looks neon when clearly the streets are illuminated yellow and look yellow from distance. The HTA define that the front headlights can be white or amber, and good luck getting someone to tell the difference between yellow and amber.

Wondering if I can fight this?

a photo link below on white paper at night ... =1&theater

I was charged under subsection 7 - Attachment that affects lamps prohibited

(7) No person shall drive upon a highway a motor vehicle if either or both of the lamps that are required on the front of the vehicle by subsections (1), (2) and (3),

(a) are coated or covered with a coloured material; or

(b) have been modified by the attachment to the lamps or the motor vehicle of any device that reduces the effective area of the lenses or the intensity of the beam of the lamps. 2002, c. 18, Sched. P, s. 19 (1).

The HID I have don't look coated or covered in coloured material, nor is there any film on my headlight housing. If I am understanding (B) correctly, I don't think I have any attachments to reduce the effectiveness or intensity of the beam of the lamps. Nor has the police officer checked under my hood looking for these attachments.

Can someone with experience tell me is this something I can fight? Or even just fix it to get it thrown out or is it too late for that?
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