Use Of Headlights

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Use Of Headlights

by: driver999 on

I heard somewhere that flashing your lights (i.e. clicking your high beams on and off) to warm drivers in the opposite direction of a speed trap is a violation of the highway traffic act.

Is this true ?

I was watching motoring 200X and they spoke about this, and accorinding to them, it is NOT illegal to flash your lights to warn others of a speed trap.

Any thoughts?


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by: Stanton on

I've seen former OPP spokesperson Cam Woolley on TV saying it's not illegal, which surprised me. Probably most officers wouldn't care, but I'd agree with Simon that's it could be construed as illegal with certain officers/circumstances.

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by: HollowPoint on

I'd issue fail to use low beam ticket..... Just saying.

Its really not a big deal, as many drivers are oblivious to their surroundings and many wont notice the flashing, or perhaps wont understand.

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