G2 Stunt Driving(clean Record) Went 155 In A 100

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G2 Stunt Driving(clean Record) Went 155 In A 100

by: iregretitireallydo on

Recently got a ticket for stunt driving on 401W near london, i was going 155 also have a g2 licence. Do you think the crown will be hesitant to drop the stunt driving charge and make it 149, also i have an absolute clean record this is my first run with the law. Is there anyway to contact the crown before hand and come up with a deal.

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by: ck811 on

FYI: You have a G2 license, which is a beginners license. Your "clean" driving record does not carry the same weight as a driver who has been driving for 30 years with the same "clean" driving record. You could not even attain full driving privileges before being pulled over for 50+kph over the speed limit.

I hope that you do truly regret it, iregretitireallydo. However, all is not lost, yet. I'm assuming that you received a part 3 summons with a court date. There will, most likely, not be a trial on that date. You may request disclosure at any time. You may also make contact with the prosecutor at any time to negotiate some sort of resolution to your transgression. To do that may require some leg work. You will have to attend the courthouse and try to make contact with the individual who has care of your matter. There may be one prosecutor, or there may be many. Alternatively, you could wait until your first attendance date to negotiate a resolution. It depends on how much time and effort you want to expend.

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