Stunt Driving Ticket Without A Clean Record Exceeded 50km/hr

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Stunt Driving Ticket Without A Clean Record Exceeded 50km/hr

by: Nived on

I was going in 80km/hr limited road by 137km/hr. I have had a pullover from OPP for exceeding the speed 50km/hr. And my car is impounded for 7 days and my license suspended for 7 days. OPP gave me a summons to defendant ticket of stunt driving 172(1), a court appear in less than a month. I had an accident before a month and got a ticket for careless driving. So is there any way, do i have to hire a lawyer. I am not financially able to hire one. I am an international student. Do they get me to jail, I have seen in google, stunt driving may end up in jail. I am 20 year old. What should I do? Please help me.

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by: Zatota on

Both offences are considered major offences for insurance purposes. Either can cause your insurance premiums to double. If you're convicted of both, you'll find it extremely difficult to find insurance (if you're very lucky, a company in what's called the facility market or sector; these companies insure the riskiest drivers, but charge SKY-HIGH premiums). Your insurability will be affected by either one for three years.

It's definitely worth speaking to a lawyer or paralegal. If you can manage to negotiate your Careless charge down to something else that would only be considered a minor offence and if you can negotiate the speed down to 129, you'd pay some hefty fines and would face an insurance increase, but you'd likely retain your right and ability to drive.

I can't see an Ontario court putting you in jail for these offences, as long as you're able to pay the fines. A lawyer or paralegal would be able to advise you better, though.

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