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142m/h In A 90m/h Zone..stunt Driving

by: jackyyip33 on

Please i am searching for advise all over the net.....but all i see is negative responds....if anyone knows whats the worse outcome or anything related please leave your truthful commends down...

Here is my case.

First of all my car is from a rento company which is 70 per day.

I came from waterloo all the way to DVP and was around 1 am......to be honest i didnt know DVP was 90m/h because i dont own a car. i didnt do much driving and was planning to get my G License at the end of the month......but i have been driving for 4 hours straight when i dont usually drive a car....i really didnt know i was going that fast of speed. the police car came up and pulled me over, telling me i was doing 142m/h she asked" you were going 142 in a 90 zone, did you know the law over 50m/h is under stunt driving. i really didnt know what was under stunt driving and she didnt tell me anything about it..the only thing she said was the car can be impounded for 7 days and take my DL for 7 days.....i was like ok i dont owe a car i dont even need my DL.....but god damn it i did some research that saying


MIN 2000$-10,000$

6 points

6months of jail

I regret i was speeding that much and wish it never happened..but now i am so worried and stressed case of this

at that time i was only worried about the impound fee and the rento fee which is leaving me at around 1200$ and i found a paralegal to help me..........but i just wanted to see if anyone in here knows or have experienced something like this and what was the outcome of it.

Therefore i was charged with two tickets one is speeding 142m/h in a 90 zone another is the worst...stunt driving going 50 and over

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by: racer on

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