Stunt Driving Low 150s In 100 Km/hour Zone; Not Sure What To Do

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Stunt Driving Low 150s In 100 Km/hour Zone; Not Sure What To Do

by: matt49683 on

Hi all,

I'll be the first to admit I messed up and I own that. Looking for advice from the community as this is something I've never been through before.

The basic story is I was pulled over on a 100 km/hour highway. I didn't realize how fast I was going (but won't pretend like I didn't know I was speeding) or I would have slowed down. I got pulled over and was told I was under arrest for stunt driving. My exact quoted speed was <153 (withholding exact number for anonymity). I have no prior issues and am in my mid-20s and am in the medical field. I don't know if it is relevant but it was a clear night and not a lot of traffic, no one else in the car. I was also driving a relatively new car for me as mine was getting routine repairs.

I have been reading online that I could go to jail for this although it I am unclear if this is common vs. just getting a fine and points or even getting the charge dropped down to a speeding ticket without the stunt charge.

I guess I am just unsure what to do next (do I get legal help?) and what my chances are of going to jail, getting the charge reduced to just a ticket, etc. Depending on the outcome this could have a hugely negative (potentially career-ending) impact on me and while I don't mind paying for something that I did wrong, obviously minimizing the effect on the rest of my life is a big priority for me as I have a lot of family to support. I should never have put myself in this situation and never will again but I would appreciate advice on what to do right now/what my likely outcome might be as this has been a huge source of anxiety for me.

Thank you so much for your help!

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by: bend on

I'm assuming this was recent.

Stunt driving today is not the same as it was just some months ago. The laws have changed recently.

Administrative (roadside) suspension has increased from 7 days to 30 days.

Impound increased from 7 days to 14 days.

The biggest issue back then was insurance. Automatic 100% increase if they don't boot you first.

The biggest issue today would probably be the mandatory license suspension of a minimum of one year (maximum 3).

The potential jailtime isn't really a thing. It's there for the guy who has an extensive history of the same or similarly egregious convictions who simply doesn't care. It's not for the first time offender.

These penalties are new, so I don't have any idea of what kind of offers are being dished out these days.

Back then, you'd pray for a reduced charge of speeding 49km. That was a steal. You'd avoid most of the insurance implications as speeding 49 is pretty much treated the same as any other speeding charge less than that.

Sometimes you'd hear people being offered speeding 50+ instead of stunt, but you'd only really be avoiding the increased fine because your provider doesn't care if it's stunt or speeding 50+. They are essentially treated the same by insurance. Not really a great deal for the time.

Today, who knows. That minimum 1 year suspension really changes things. Suddenly speeding 50+ doesn't sound so bad even if you have to settle for a high risk insurance provider. At least you'd be driving, if you could afford it.

An offer of speeding 49km would be the gift of gifts. Personally, I wouldn't think twice if it was offered, more so today than ever. Whether that's a possibility largely depends on how close to 50 you were.

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