Asking for mercy from the court, alternative penalties?

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Asking for mercy from the court, alternative penalties?

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I was clocked going 120 in an 80 zone. I requested a court date and with the intention of challenging the police officers evidence as well as requesting the officer to be in court. I was given a court date of October 9 but was then sent a letter by the prosecution for a motion to change the date as the officer is not available on this day. I have received disclosure and I doubt that I will be able to get out of this ticket, and I am way to nervous to actually go to court to defend myself. I am terrified as I make only $20 000 per year and won't be able to afford the insurance on my car if I get this ticket. Without insurance I won't be able to drive to work and support my three children. Is there a way to ask for mercy from the court at the motion? I would be willing to pay the fine but would like to find a way to not have it on my record. Is this possible? I would be willing to do community service??

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