Police Failed To Submit Ticket To Court?

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Police Failed To Submit Ticket To Court?

by: mk5tdi on

Looking for some advise...I got a ticket and asked for trail and was told that I will get the trail date in the next 30 days or so.

I got a letter from the court stating that the police failed to submit the ticket to the court so the court cannot provide me with the trail date at this time. It says if they get the ticket in the next 6 months then I will get a summon to appear and answer to my charge.

Has anyone seen such type of response? Not sure if I like that fact that one day I may get a surprise in the mail demanding me to appear before the judge when I didn't do anything wrong other than following process to exercise my right to ask for a trial.

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by: screeech on

The officer has 7 days to file the origional ticket with the court it appears that was not done. There is an option for the officer to relay a charge within 6 months from the time of the offence which will be laid by way of summons. If this was just your garden variety ticket, and not stemming from something important like an accident, then it is likely they won't relay the ticket. Ya, it sucks a bit that you are in a holding pattern until then but that is the process.

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