Court Date - How To Tell If Officer Is In Court?

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Re: Court Date - How To Tell If Officer Is In Court?

by: jsherk on

It does not matter whether you did it or not... it is our right in this country to be considered innocent and make them prove it in court. More people should stand up for their rights and fight every ticket they get.

Requesting a translator when you do not need it is NOT the cause of our higher taxes. Government at all levels is already ripping us taxpayers off big time, and the Crown certainly does not care how much it costs to fight anybody for anything. The Crown will spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars chasing people down for paperwork crimes (no real crime done to anybody) and that is what is truly costing us.

If the police/prosecution had to prove that these charges they were actually UNSAFE (driving faster than a posted speed limit does make it unsafe) then that would save us a ton of money because they would not be writing near as many tickets and THAT is what is wasting our court time/resources.

It is government that is wasting our money and raising our taxes, not those that are standing up for their rights.

+++ This is not legal advice, only my opinion +++
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by: ME AGAIN on

If you have disclosure, on the day of trial, when signing in tell the prosecutor you want to speak with the officer to have them decipher something on the disclosure you cant read before you decide how you want to proceed that day . If they call the officer then you know. Otherwise they will be up front and advise the officer is not there

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