Date Mismatches In The Disclosure Note ......

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Date Mismatches In The Disclosure Note ......

by: hassansaleel on

Hello everyone,

seeking advice ASAP.

The offence happened on 27 November 2017. I plead for not guilty and got date for the court on 26 Nov 2018 (exactly one year after the offence). I also applied for the disclosure and received it. But in the disclosure in date mismatches. Everything is accurate except the radar gun calibration date is wrong and obviously it is a typing error. Instead of 27 November 2017 it is 2017/02/27 that is February 27 2017. What are the chances of winning this case with this error, thanks


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by: bend on

Notes are just something to refresh an officers memory.

You aren't winning a case based off a simple error in the notes. The officer will just correct himself and the trial will move on.

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