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hwybear wrote:
blackdog wrote:

case went to trial, half way in while the prosecuter was questioning the other driver she recommended to withdraw the charges..not able to proceed because of lack of evidence.


good for you....

having said that...the other driver is the "key witness" and if that driver can not bring thru enough evidence the case will be tossed regardlesss of police, as the officer was not there to witness the collision.

yea. the witness provided a very vague description of the accident. She didnt even know what street I was on. It's funny becuase the prosecutor tried so hard just a few minutes before starting the trial to convince me NOT to go trial - now I see why.

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I know how it feels beating the system!

I couldn't beleive the witness for the cop was persistent. Wondering what i heard is true, that the witness would be fined thousands of dollars if he/she refuses to come to court to testify.

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