Posting For My Daughter Who Just Received A Careless Driving Ticket.

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Posting For My Daughter Who Just Received A Careless Driving Ticket.

by: MFZ on


My daughter rear-ended a vehicle at a stop just north of Toronto causing a chain reaction that impacted two other cars. She is a new driver with her G2. She is certain that the brakes did not function properly - she knew they were suspect prior to the accident, but not malfunctioning. She was driving a company car that is 18 years old. She was issued a careless driving ticket - $490 and 6 demerits. No injuries reported.


1. What should be her main concerns?

2. What is good strategy to fight/compromise the ticket?

3. Any other considerations?

Thanks anyone for your any insights you can provide.

Take care.

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by: bend on

It would be your daughters responsibility that vehicle she is driving is mechanically sound and fit for the road.

Realistically, you should probably find out if a deal can be made for a less drastic charge at an early resolution. Literally anything will be a major improvement.

In terms of insurance, careless driving falls into the worst of the worst category. It falls into the "serious" bracket. Driving 50km over the limit, driving while under the influence, careless driving... they are all treated the same. Any deal for a lesser charge will almost certainly fall into the "minor" bracket", the equivalent of your every day 15km over speeding charge.

If your daughter is under your insurance policy or living in the same house, it's even more reason for her to consider a deal. Your rates will skyrocket unless you sign an exclusion form denying her access to any of your vehicles. It might also be your only option as your provider might decide they don't want to insure any policy with her name on it anyways.

Your daughter is also a novice driver. Any conviction carrying 4 or more points is an automatic suspension of 30 days for a first offense.

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